Frequently Asked Questions

What is Food to the Rescue or FTTR? 

Food to the Rescue is a local not for profit, in the Middle Tennessee Area, delivering meals to children who wouldn't otherwise eat during the school breaks. 



Who is eligible? 

Any Child who meets the following criteria will be accepted in the program: 


-Lives within Putnam County

-Under the age of 18 

-Over the age of 1

-A food insecure household

-Reside in Putnam County, TN

-No unrestrained or aggressive animals on the property.


When will delivery occur? 

Deliveries and or pick up will occur during the Putnam County academic calendar school breaks . Day is TBD. Fall Break, Winter break, Spring break, and Summer break.



Who will deliver to my child? 

Screened Volunteers via the FTTR committee. 



What about children home alone? 

We ask that you acknowledge on the form that your child will be home alone. They will have to sign that they have received food.  

What if I have an outdoor animal? 

All outdoor animals must be restrained at the time of delivery, if a delivery volunteer feels threatened in anyway by the presence of an animal they will not be required to drop off food.  

Where do the snacks come from? 

Snacks will be donated by people and organizations around Putnam County.

What are other alternatives to get meals? 

During Summer break, Putnam County Food Service offers FREE meals to any one 18 and under, no questions asked Monday-Friday from 8-5pm at the following locations:

Avery Trace 

Cane Creek  

Prescott South

Monterey- Month of June Only 

Algood Middle- Month of June Only

Please visit their website for more information about their summer program.  


Is food to the rescue government funded? 

No, it is a locally funded non profit organization with a qualified 501(c)(3) exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code.

How can I donate? 

Visit or get involved page, or mail checks to(370 S Lowe Ave A391, Cookeville, TN 38501). Also stay connected with our social media to find out specific needs! 

How can I become a delivery driver? 

Visit our get involved page to find out more, must possess a valid driver licenses and proof of insurance if wanting to drive!